Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blog Candy at "House of Insperation"

They are celebrating having over 55800 visitors on their homepage and about 15000 on their blog.

You have until 4 of Juli to post a comment and blog about the candy...
You can find them here;

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Me stamp designer.. *S*

Yes its true.. I´m a stamp designer, got my stamps by post today its absolutely crazy.. Can hardly believe it my self.. They will bee out for sale in September at

Her´s some pictures..
All of them..
A twig with something we in Sweden call Snowberrys
Apple..And Cherry's

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Points Race part 5

All spring long I´v been entering a scrap booking race in five different competition parts, it started out whit over 30 contestants but ended whit about 20.

The contest was built on scrapping kits that was a secret and everybody got the same exact kit. All the kits was scored on what it contained and we all needed to make chore we used everything in the kit to get as many point as possible before the voting.

We all gotta last date to do ether a card or a LO, photograph it and send it in to our "contest arranger" Then she put them out on her blog for the public to see and vote. In the end she counted all the point together and presented the winner.

It was a fun but sometimes hard competition because you had non what so ever control over the kits and it´s contents.

I´m happy to say that my aunt is one of the winners and I´m so prod of her.

Here's all my contributions in this contest.




If you want to see all the contributions you can find them her:
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Deco Rose..

I was out on a late Blog round and found this amassing deco rose who you make from scratch by your self. This simple and fantastic deco rose you can find at and at

The Step by step description is simple and with good pictures to.
Of course I had to try this and it resulted in a beautiful rose. This was the first but not the last time I do this rose.

I made 4 different roses in 2 sises.

The big one is in a deep red card stock chalked whit MAROON
The smaller roses was first a red rose in the same shade as the big one I Chalk with MAROON but this time I also Chalk with a little white at the end of the rose leaves to see if it gave any effect and it made little but no significant difference.Then I made a small yellow/orange rose that I Chalk with Maroon It became absolutely beautiful.Last but not least, I made a small pink rose and the Chalk I Cranberry.

All The roses I sprayed whit my silver colored Mist. I'll needs to acquire more of these wonderful Mists. Could be fun to have more colors.
Here is a picture of the two red roses so you can see that this is quite a marked difference in size.

I will probably add more of these roses as I get them made ..
and if you as I don´t have any heart punches or similar. I'll post a template for the hearts I have been using to make my roses fore those who's interested.

Here is the template for the hearts I used to make the roses. Just to click on the image and save it. Then depending on whether you want to make it larger or smaller rose You print it on A4 or half that A5. I printed it directly on my colored paper and then cut it out whit scissors, smooth and easy.

Is there anything you wonder about ask and I'll answer as best I can.

LO of my angels..

This is my latest LO. It´s my two angels fallen asleep in the car, a picture I absolutly love. I´m very pleased with the LO even if it is not really my style or my colors ..

Let´s se if this works..

Before I start writing her I hope that everyone have some compassion fore my bad English. This is a blog in English fore those who have trouble understanding my other blog even when translated, whit the translate gadget. I know that I tried it a couple of time just to see how it looks and if it still is understandable and I get horrified I know what I bean writing and I don´t understand the translation.. So I thought I´d start a Blog just in English.

Hope you all enjoy..